The Longish Goodbye: Highlights From AllThingsD Staffers Johnson, Del Rey and Cha

I don’t know why you say hello, we say goodbye.

Disney Brings Full Club Penguin Game to iPad, With Apple’s Blessing for Subscription Model

“It’s not a game. It’s a kids’ social network in the guise of a game.”

Ahead of New Show Debut, PBS Revamps Its Kids’ Site to Be More Mobile-Friendly

The public broadcaster is working to find new ways to connect with kids and parents online, while also getting creative about ways for them to put the technology away.


Western Digital Agrees to Buy Virident Systems

Western Digital has agreed to buy Virident Systems for $645 million in cash, a move that expands the disk-drive maker’s flash storage offerings.

Amazon Quietly Tests Streaming Flash Videos to Kindle Fire Owners

By running the content through its own servers, Amazon hopes to eliminate a key stumbling block encountered on rival mobile devices.


The Future of the Data Center

It’s software-defined.

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch Headed to Apple

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch is leaving the company to join Apple.

Back in a Flash: With Flip-Flop, Microsoft Now Supports Adobe in Windows 8, Windows RT Browser

Microsoft is now allowing sites using the Adobe Flash plugin to run by default in all versions of its browser.

What’s the Deal With Windows 8?

Walt answers readers’ questions about Windows 8 confusion and tools that help Windows Phones and PCs play iTunes.