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Flipboard to Close Additional $50 Million Investment Tomorrow

Flipboard, which recently raised $50 million in new funding in a round led by Rizvi Traverse Management and Goldman Sachs, will file information about an additional $50 million investment from Rizvi tomorrow, said sources. The expansion of its Series C funding means that Flipboard will have raised about $160 million in total, and puts the valuation of the Silicon Valley startup that makes the popular social reading service that has 100 million active users at $800 million. The possibility of extra funding was first reported by Fortune’s Dan Primack.

Google Tries Rebooting Its Flipboard Clone, and Starts Selling the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal

Remember Google “Currents”? No? Exactly. But Google is still trying to make a social newsreader app work.

With Catalogs, Flipboard Dips Its Toe Into E-Commerce

Sort of like all those paper Pottery Barn mags that are filling up your mailbox — only digital.

Ahead of July Filing, Twitter IPO Designed as “Less Anti-Facebook Than Anti-Old-Twitter”

The bird has grown up and is finally ready to fly on its own.

PeeqPeeq and the Big Idea of the Inbox as Data Source

Rokket Launch wants to build apps like PeeqPeeq, which turns piles of email into personalized, purposeful apps.

Not Just for Mobile Anymore: Flipboard Magazines Come to the Web

A desktop experience for the social magazine.

Can a Slew of New Windows Phone Apps Make Up for the Lack of Instagram?

Nokia’s NYC event highlighted a batch of new Windows Phone apps — and one big, notable absence.

Newsle and Nuzzel Deliver Social News Without the Clutter

Prefer to get your news from social media, but can’t stand all the personal status updates and frivolous tweets? Try these two sites.

Bummed Google Reader’s Going Away? Get Over It. Go Out With Somebody Else.

Buck up, buttercup. There are plenty of other news readers in the sea.