NFL, MLB Tell Supreme Court: If Aereo Wins, We’re Bailing on Broadcast

The thing is, that’s kind of happening already.


Sports Programming Dominates the Living Room

How sports programming is reshaping the TV landscape and driving a new generation of technology.

Hulu Gets Its Second New Boss of the Year

Interim CEO Andy Forssell, the last high-profile member of the Jason Kilar era, is out. Fox executive Mike Hopkins is in.


How Twitter Is Going to Take a Billion Dollars From YouTube

All Twitter needs to do is host long-form video, and it’s off to the races.

Twitter Snags the NFL for Another Ad Win

One day, Twitter could end up competing with TV. Right now, it wants to be TV’s best buddy, so it can get deals like this.

Hulu Gets the Best Show on CBS

If you’re paying for Hulu Plus, you’re going to get “The Good Wife” starting Sunday.


The Disequilibrium of Power: How Retransmission Consent Went So Wrong, and How to Fix It

Local broadcast retransmission consent legislation was never intended to fund NFL rights acquisition and prime-time network programming.

Is Google Ready to Buy Its Way Into TV With an NFL Deal?

Google CEO Larry Page met with NFL head Roger Goodell today. Among the topics: The league’s “Sunday Ticket” subscription service.

The NFL Gets a Better Grip on Digital With a New Mobile App

Verizon has the NFL’s mobile rights, but pro football wants to own the customer relationship. Plus! A detailed and confusing playbook on how to get the NFL on your phone, and sometimes your tablet.

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