Don’t Like In-App Purchases in Games? Deal With It, Says PopCap.

“That’s just a reality of the industry right now.”

With Parents in Mind, WebCurfew Blocks Wi-Fi From Router to Kids’ Devices

A new way to pull eyes away from the screen and toward the dinner table.

Q&A: The Drowning’s Creator Ben Cousins on Making a Console-Like FPS Viable on Mobile

Death, guns, mayhem and Japanese free-to-play mechanics.


The Race to Own Data Addressability Is Its Own “Game of Thrones”

A post-third-party cookie world is coming.

News Byte

App.Net Goes Freemium, the social network alternative platform targeted at developers and spearheaded by Valley veteran Dalton Caldwell, will introduce a freemium model to its service, the company announced on Monday. Freemium users will still be required to be invited by a paid, yearly account holder, and some limits will be placed on the amount of file storage and number of users they can follow.

Behind the Scenes at Apple’s Top App: Q&A With Temple Run 2’s Keith Shepherd

Guy Dangerous is back, and amazingly still not out of breath.

Free Mobile Games Earn Most of the $10 Billion Spent on Apps in 2012

But the more important thing for developers to know is what kind of games are the most successful at monetizing free-to-play.

Behind the Curve: EA Finally Making Mobile Games Free This Year

Over the next year, Electronic Arts said, a majority of its mobile game titles will become free, representing a seismic shift away from the premium games market.

Phil Libin and the Refusal to Pivot: Evernote Now Valued at $1 Billion

Unlike many other companies of this era, Evernote has known exactly what it was since the beginning — it just took some time for users and investors to catch on.

PopCap Says Making Bejeweled Free Will Lead to a New High Score (Video)

PopCap has set the ambitious goal of getting half a billion people to play Bejeweled, its 11-year-old puzzle game.

Password Manager LastPass Acquires Xmarks