When I Say Jump … Marissa Mayer Gives Yahoo Employees Up Fitness Bands

Let’s get physical!

EA Building Up Its Facebook Empire — This Time With SimCity Social

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Stop All That Poking: Facebook Filing Temporarily Crashes SEC Web Site

Someone’s going to lose an eye.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma at Stanford: “We Are Very Interested” in Buying the “Whole” of Yahoo

In answer to a direct question about whether his company was going to buy Yahoo at a forum at Stanford University in Silicon Valley this afternoon, Alibaba Chairman and CEO Jack Ma said: “We are very interested” in buying all of it.

It’s Called Google Propeller and It’s Aimed at Flipboard (and Facebook, Too, Natch)

Whhhheeeeeeeee! Up, up in the sky, its Google’s Flipboard killer, which also might strafe Facebook, too!

A Social Update From AllThingsD’s Social Media Editor

Today, we’re updating social media on AllThingsD, and I’ll be your guide to all the changes.

Will the Real Facebook Shareholders Please Stand Up?

In the midst of this investor frenzy around Facebook, it is critical to keep in mind that the most important “owners” of Facebook are its 600 million active users.

Gogobot CEO Travis Katz Talks About Beta Launch of Social Travel Site

Last week, BoomTown sat down with former Myspace exec Travis Katz to talk about the private beta launch of his new start-up, Gogobot. No, it’s not a robot from Google–it’s a social travel site, which uses friends to enhance the travel-planning experience. Essentially, it feels like Facebook for trips, but with really good images.

Here's a Better Name for RockMelt: The FaceBrowser (Plus BoomTown's Two-Dude Video)

At the end of this video interview with BoomTown about RockMelt–a new social browser that debuted in beta last night–the two founders politely tried to gloss over my calling it a “Facebook browser.” Except, um, it is. Sure, there are Twitter and other news apps present. And I even like the mantra for RockMelt, which “re-imagines the browser around friends, feeds, and sharing.” But that would be–for the most part right now–friends on Facebook, feeds from Facebook and sharing with Facebook.

Liveblogging the Facebook Mobile Event: Single Sign-On for Social

BoomTown arrived late to the Facebook mobile event for the press due to traffic related to the parade for the San Francisco Giants’ World Series victory–and where I would much rather be right now. Go Giants! In any case, I am here in the cafeteria of Facebook again, where the company continues its attempts to take over the known digital universe before Google does. The latest parry: Single sign-on!