Best Buy to Offer $50 Off Apple’s iPhone Starting Sunday

The four-week promotion applies to all models of the iPhone when purchased with a new two-year contract on AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.
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Galaxy S III, iPhone Users Not So Different After All

Hey, iPhone and Galaxy lovers: Hate all you want, you’re all just the same. That’s the conclusion of a new study surveying owners of the two leading smartphones.

Samsung Working to Fix Security Flaw on Some of Its Android Devices

The Korean phone maker says it is aware of an issue that could allow users access to a locked device.

Keep an Eye on the Software Inside Samsung’s New Galaxy

While it is the hardware that will get the early attention, it is the software and services that ultimately will determine just how far Samsung has separated itself from the competition.

Yep, Samsung’s Galaxy S IV to Launch at March 14 Event in New York

A Samsung representative confirmed the date and location for the debut, but declined to offer further details.

Best Buy: We’ll Give You $50 If You Buy Your Next Phone Here

The retailer plans to launch the promotion on Super Bowl Sunday with an ad campaign tied to one that will first air during the big game.


iPhone-Like Hype Builds for Samsung

When a Samsung Electronics Co. executive showed off a new chip at CES in Las Vegas last week, he created a flurry of news coverage for a completely different product — the company’s next top-of-the-line smartphone.

A Maps of the World

Walt answers readers’ questions on the new Google Maps for iPhone.

Samsung Launches Galaxy Muse MP3 Player to Accompany Galaxy Smartphones

For those who don’t want to work out with their smartphones.

The Most Popular Tech Ad of 2012 … Isn’t From Apple

Well, sort of.

Twitter Reads Your Mind on Black Friday

The T-Mobile Girl Gets Some Company