Google Claims Great Leaps Forward in Voice Search

Google improved voice search by 20 percent last year, and then another 25 percent this year, it said today.


Google Nears Smartwatch Launch

Google Inc.’s smartwatch is in late-stage development and the company is in talks with Asian suppliers to begin mass production of the device, people familiar with the matter said.

Quixey Lands Another $50 Million, Led by Alibaba, to Push Beyond App Discovery

The company will use the added cash as part of its bid to go from searching for apps to searching within apps.

Agent App Helps Android Phones Anticipate Users’ Needs

Agent responds to text messages when you’re driving, puts your phone in silent mode during meetings and remembers where you’re parked.

Intel Sociologist Says the Love Affair Between Us and Our Gadgets Is Turning Into a Real Relationship

In an interview, Genevieve Bell says that what was once a series of interactions between man and machine is in the process of morphing into a real relationship. Siri is just the beginning.
Genevieve Bell Intel horizontal-feature

You Don’t Have to Be Famous to Ask Google Questions About Yourself Anymore

You can now ask Google “Is my flight on time?” “When will my package arrive?” “What are my plans for tomorrow?” and “Show me my photos from Thailand.”

How Does the Moto X Stack Up Against Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S4?

A breakdown of the Moto X, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, by the numbers. (Only you can decide how it “feels in the hand”.)

Until the Self-Driving Car for All, What Is Tech Doing Now to Drive Us to Non-Distraction?

Before we get autonomous cars, apps like voice news readers and context-dependent personal assistants might help drivers be a little more safe.

Android and Chrome Head Sundar Pichai: The Full D11 Interview (Video)

“It’s not just the operating system, but it’s the services on top of it,” Pichai said.

Nuance: Virtual Assistants Will Work Across Platforms Within Two Years (Video)

The Siris of tomorrow will be able to do far more than tell you when to pack an umbrella.

Siri vs. Google Now (Comic)

An In-Between PC