Instagram Lead Designer Tim Van Damme Headed to Dropbox

A move to the platform startup for a Facebook design mainstay.

Gowalla Co-Founder Josh Williams to Depart Facebook

A product manager departs after a year and a half at the social network.

Facebook Pushes Into Crowded Territory — Again — With Local Discovery Update

Billboards, shmillboards. Facebook says, just look at your phone to find the next local place you want to eat.

Oh, and Another Thing About FaceTagram: Your Location

With Instagram, Facebook’s not only bulking up its photos — it’s getting your location, too.

Behind the Scenes at Groupon’s Tech Headquarters as It Prepares to Report First Public Earnings

Groupon is slowly building out its technology prowess in Palo Alto, Calif., 2,000 miles away from its headquarters — one acquisition at a time.

Ah, So That’s What You’re Supposed to Do With Foursquare!

The “check-in service” explains why it’s not really a “check-in service” at all.

Groupon Acquires Mertado for Its Social Commerce Expertise

Groupon has acquired its second start-up in the social commerce space over the past month.

Groupon Acquires Campfire Labs to Light Up Social Products

Groupon has acquired the pre-launch social communication start-up Campfire Labs, the companies confirmed today.

Foursquare’s Crowley Declares Bygones! — And Maybe More? — With Google

Foursquare is still the cool kid at the check-in party, especially as more competitors are checking out. But is the party dying down?

Checking in From the Cutting Edge: Only Six Percent Use Geolocation Apps

Six percent of U.S. online adults use geolocation apps, up from 4 percent last year, according to new research from Forrester.