Surprise! You’re Watching More TV Than Ever.

Live TV is down, but on-demand is way up. At this rate, the Death of TV is going to take awhile.

Apple TV Adds Yahoo, PBS

Apple’s Web TV box gets a little bit bigger.

Netflix Gives Most, but Not All, of Its TV Viewers a New Look

Guess why Netflix can’t overhaul its look for some devices — like Apple’s Apple TVs, and Microsoft’s new Xbox One.


How I Did the Impossible: HBO Without Cable TV

Sneaking into the walled garden.

Dear Internet: You Still Can’t Get HBO Without Paying for Cable

Actually, you can, but the cable guys make it pretty hard. And that’s not what Comcast is selling, anyway.

Netflix Hits Its Numbers, Investors Go Nuts, Reed Hastings Tells Them to Chill Out

$55 a year ago. $390 today.


The Convergence Tipping Point

The convergence revolution is in its most disruptive phase in television.

AllThingsD Week In Review: $TWTR, More NSA Drama and the “Dark Web”

The Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week, in one convenient post.

HBO COO Eric Kessler — Who Spearheaded Its Digital Strategy — Is Departing

The No. 2 at the premium cable channel left over “management process” issues.

You Might Be Able to Pay for HBO Without Paying for Cable. But You’re Still Going to Pay the Cable Guy.

You can’t call it cord-cutting. Maybe cord-cutting light?