What You Need to Know About Online Gift-Card Exchanges

The gift-giving season is over. Here’s how to turn in that gift card you don’t want — for cash — or buy other gift cards on the cheap.

Kids Get New Tablets Over the Holidays? Here’s How to Lock ’Em Down.

After $50 in Angry Birds purchases, I’m now the wiser.

What Does the VC Sing? Harlem-Shaking, Twerking First Round Capital’s 2013 Holiday Video Is a Wrecking Ball.

Though I never knew it, Howard Morgan in a muscle costume stranded hanging on a wrecking ball is the Christmas present I have always wanted.

Viral Video: A Holiday Song Medley That Isn’t Annoying

Genius: “You made me cook a Butterball/And then a green-bean casserole/And all you did was sit and watch football/And ignore all of your family.”

Happy Festivus From the Rest of Us at All Things Digital

Please feel free to air your grievances!

’Twas the Night Before Christmas and Santa’s Online

Fwd: Ho ho ho!

Viral Video: Rolling First Round Style? Call Them Maybe.

Here’s the annual video lunacy from First Round Capital, which is always fun to watch, especially if it’s super awkward to see venture capitalists cavorting. Mission accomplished!

Non-Bogus Video of the Day: Solve Media Revives Rube Goldberg

No children or eagles harmed in this one.

Surprise! Consumers Dreaming of an Apple Christmas.

This just in: You want an iPhone for Christmas.

Viral Video: “Grease” Reunion Is the One That You Don’t Want

I got no thrills and they are definitely not multiplying.