With Flashy Pogue Deal and Couric Video Show on Deck, Marissa Mayer’s Content Strategy Emerges

The new media mogul will see you now.

AOL’s Sullivan to Take Over Its Homepage Business

More management changes at the New York Internet giant.

News Byte

Yahoo Product Exec Mike Kerns Gets Big Promotion to Run Homepage and Verticals

According to his LinkedIn page, Yahoo has promoted one of its more talented and entrepreneurial execs, Mike Kerns, to a fancy new job (at least the title is). Kerns — who came to Yahoo several years ago after it bought the company he founded, Citizen Sports — had been VP of social and personalization. Now, he’s SVP of product homepage and verticals, which represents a much wider swath of products, including its powerful homepage and more.

A Year of Mayer: An Ever-Rising Stock and Chinese Riches, but Core Results Less Impressive as Q2 Arrives

Core: The central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.

Draw Something From This: Yahoo’s Design Chief Tim Parsey to Depart

After stabilizing the design culture at Yahoo amid much turmoil, the well-known user experience exec leaves the sketchbook to CEO Mayer.

Big Media Loves Promoted Trends, Twitter’s Big-Dollar Digital Billboards

$5.2 million in a month, at $200,000 a day.

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer Leans In About How She Decided to Become CEO While Pregnant

Wrote the exec: “Could I really take the helm of Yahoo when I was 28 weeks pregnant?” She could and did.

Outbox: Yahoo Mail Head Sharma Leaves Company

Signed, sealed, delivered, he’s gone.

Loose Lips: Yahoo M&A Head Told Employees Company Looking at Two “Significant” and a Half-Dozen Small Buys

In most cases, they sink ships. Here, perhaps not.