In New York Fight, Airbnb Says It Has Proof That Hosts Rent Out Their Own Homes

The question is exactly how peer-driven Airbnb is, or whether it’s just another site for professional rental agencies to find more business.

Michelle Obama’s Mom Dancing Video Climbs Online Charts

While that’s no “Gangnam Style,” the Out of Sync Electric Slide move deserves your full attention.

Viral Video: Ellen and the Bic Lady Pens

Yes, lady pens.

NYC Late-Night Hosts’ Audience-Free Monologues, Courtesy of Sandy

Don’t everyone laugh at once.

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Former CEO Thompson Might Be Gone, But Internal Investigation Into ResuMess Still a Hot Potato at Yahoo

The mystery of the botched bio lingers on.

Not So Scott Free? Yahoo’s Other Big Shareholder — Cap Re — Leaning Toward Supporting Loeb Over Thompson ResuMess.

Is the tenure of Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson — who is now big with the excuses — in trouble if other shareholders start to bolt?

Viral Video: “The Dictator” Oscar-Punks Ryan Seacrest All Over the Red Carpet

Sacha Baron Cohen. Ryan Seacrest. Kim Jong-il’s ashes. Pass the popcorn.

Viral Video: Jimmy Fallon Loses to a Lady (The First One)

Bring it on.

Viral Video: Katy Perry Defiles Elmo

Viral Video: It's Co-nan!