IBM and Some College Students Aim to Simplify Data Center Disaster Planning

Switching over to backup systems, which usually takes hours, can now take minutes.

Wildfires, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Oh My! Trulia Adds More Natural Hazard Maps.

When shopping for homes, you’ve also got to watch out for Mother Nature.

U.S. Weather Computers Are a Little More Super Today Than Yesterday

A clearer look ahead at temperatures and hurricanes.

Nextdoor Hooks Up With Bloomberg and the City of New York

The Big Apple gets blanket coverage by a private social network.

Some More Inconvenient Truths (Including Spider Goats): Al Gore Talks About “The Future” at SXSW

Live from Austin, Texas, it’s the man who brought you the Internet. (Really, he did, along with others.)

Why Some AT&T Customers Aren’t Getting Those Wireless Alerts About Nemo

AT&T supports the new alerts on its older network, but not yet for devices running on its faster LTE system.

East Coast Blizzard Another Test for FCC’s New Cellphone Alert System

A relatively new alert system means that those in the path of an approaching blizzard are getting messages sent directly to their cellphones.

Viral Video: “Lucky Ones” Tech Mashup for Hurricane Sandy

Sing it, Silicon Valley.

Dive Into Mobile Ready to Take Back Manhattan on April 15 and 16

Hurricane Sandy forced a change in plans, but we’ve rescheduled our mobile conference for April 15 and 16.

The Apps That Weathered the Storm — Finance, Maps and News

Music apps saw also a significant increase in use during Hurricane Sandy, while sports apps understandably took a backseat.