U.S. Christmas Day Shoppers Bought More on iOS Than Android

Does a unit of market share matter if it’s not being used?

Shareholder Suit Accuses IBM of Concealing a Post-Snowden Backlash in China

Big Blue saw its sales fall considerably in China last quarter. A Louisiana pension fund argues that it was because of an association with the NSA.

Dell and Red Hat Will Announce a Big Cloud-Computing Alliance Today

Doing for OpenStack what they did for Linux more than a decade ago. You know how that turned out.


“Cyber Monday” Sales Up 21 Percent, IBM Reports

Online sales on “Cyber Monday” rose 21 percent, driven by strong growth in mobile sales, International Business Machines Corp. said, though the day’s growth rate continued to slow as retailers unveiled discounts earlier into the shopping season.

Social Media’s Cold, Hard Reality: It Still Doesn’t Drive E-Commerce Sales, IBM Says

Another year, another report on the ineffectiveness of social media advertising.

HP’s Q4 Earnings Beat Street and Shares Rise

“Slightly down” is the new up.

IBM and Some College Students Aim to Simplify Data Center Disaster Planning

Switching over to backup systems, which usually takes hours, can now take minutes.

IBM and Nvidia Team Up on Supercomputing and Servers

Coming soon: GPU chips in more Big Blue hardware.

The World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer Is Still in China

What the top American machine lacks in raw power, it makes up for in efficiency.

Dell Loses Its First Senior Executive Since the Buyout

The first, but maybe not the first of many.