About.me Continues Its Product Push With “Replies”

The startup’s third significant product release this year aims to foster increased connection and communication between users.

News Byte

Facebook Hooks Up With PlayStation 4 to Link Identity to Gaming

As Sony’s PlayStation 4 gaming system launched Friday morning, Facebook said it will allow players to connect to the console using their Facebook accounts. Users can share their real identity with others they select in the hope of establishing a bond of trust that will serve to combat online gaming abuse between anonymous players, long a problem on similar services like XBox Live.

With Messenger App Update, Facebook Aims to Inch Further Into Your Phone

A new test could expand Facebook’s mobile reach.

Okta’s $27 Million Series D Comes as Europe and Asia Embrace the Cloud

Who knew the identity business was so big?

Instagram Adds an Identity Layer — Which Could Be a Big Deal for Brands

Brand marketing opportunities abound in Instagram’s new “Photos of You” feature.

ForgeRock, an Identity Manager, Lands $15 Million Series B

Who knew keeping track of sign-in credentials was such a big business?

Seven More Questions for Okta CEO Todd McKinnon

The vision, McKinnon says, has always been about providing companies with a single identity layer for all the applications they use.

Meet Mine — Your Life, in E-Shopping

A start-up aims to create a new online identity footprint from our e-commerce history.


They Know What You’re Shopping For

Georgia resident Andy Morar is in the market for a BMW. So recently he sent a note to a showroom near Atlanta, using a form on the dealer’s website to provide his name and contact information.

Goodbye, Trolls? Google Brings Social Identity to “Play” Web Store.

Civility now! (We hope.)

Superman vs. Google+ (Comic)

Is My Email Address My Identity?