Yahoo Q2 Earnings Call: The Marissa and Ken Show, Now in Living Color

Hiyo, if you will, for the Internet age.
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Meh Is the New Up: Yahoo Meets Lackluster Q2 Expectations and Lowers Guidance

Revenue growth continues to elude the Silicon Valley Internet giant.


Adjusted for Reality, Neither Rackspace Nor Equinix Shine

We learned during the dot-com boom, and the subsequent bust, that it takes real money to build the Internet, meaning that the growth of online advertising, e-commerce, social networking, and all the rest doesn’t offer a magic formula for profit.

Hall Pass: Yahoo Meets Lackluster Expectations in Third Quarter, As Investors Focus on Mayer’s Plans for What’s Next

Investors turn their lonely eyes to Marissa’s plan for revival.

Dear Internet: Where Should I Live?

The economy has altered the American dream of owning homes, cars and white picket fences. Here are three sites for the perpetually moving.

Searching for Market Share: Google Up, Microsoft’s Bing Up, Yahoo … Not Up

What goes up must come down.

Most Smartphone Owners Are Between 25 and 34 Years Old (And Here’s How Much Money They Make)

This just in! Young people own smartphones — though their wealthy elders are catching up.

Yahoo’s China Settlement Fails to Stem Its Stock Decline

You would think the settlement of a major dispute would goose the stock of a company, but Yahoo’s deal with its Chinese partner Alibaba Group on Friday did exactly the opposite.

China Solution: Yahoo, SoftBank and Alibaba Reach Agreement

Yahoo, SoftBank and Alibaba have reached an agreement in their contentious dispute around the Alipay payments unit.


Cybercrooks Digging for Tax Data

It’s tax season, which means cyber-thieves are trawling the Web and sending counterfeit email in the hopes of snaring your personal tax data. And they’ve created websites with reasonable-seeming addresses and legitimate-seeming emails in order to lure unsuspecting citizens into clicking on the wrong link or downloading a virus-laden PDF.

Microsoft to Wall Street: Analyze This

GQ’s iPad App Does…Okay

New From Google Labs: Google Plutocrat