iPhone 5c Was Always Planned as Mid-Tier, Not Low-End, Says Cook

“Our entry iPhone is the iPhone 4s.”

iPhone 5s Outselling iPhone 5c Two to One

A study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners says the iPhone 5s accounted for 64 percent of total iPhone sales following its launch; iPhone 5c made up 27 percent.

Police in New York Really Want You to Download iOS 7

New York’s finest like the iPhone’s Activation Lock feature.

Consumers Still Buying Tons of Older iPhones

Lower-priced legacy iPhones are gradually gaining share across Appleā€™s smartphone portfolio.

Among Analysts, Price-Target Cuts Are the Latest Apple Fad

“Solid iPhone 4/4S demand and mixed iPhone 5 demand.”

Best Buy Announces Nine-Day iPhone Trade-In Deal

Turn your working iPhone 4 or 4S into a “free” iPhone 5.

As Nextel Shutdown Looms, AT&T Plans to Bring Push-to-Talk to the iPhone

AT&T’s service will work on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, and support group calling with up to 250 people at once.

Good Technology CEO: Android Making Gains in Workplace, But iPhone and iPad Still Dominate

Apple phones and tablets accounted for three in four devices activated during the first quarter, though Android picked up five points of market share from a year ago.

Legacy iPhones Are Helping Apple Hit a Broader Market

Apple is selling more iPhones. And it’s selling more of them to price-conscious consumers.

T-Mobile Hopes Trade-In Offer Will Lure iPhone Customers From Rivals

The No. 4 U.S. carrier is offering a variety of discounts to those willing to trade in their old iPhone for a new iPhone on T-Mobile.

On Legacy iPhones and Cannibalization

Jimmy Kimmel Dupes iPhone Fans

Apple’s iPhone 5 Event, in Pictures