How Many iPhones Can Apple Sell on China Mobile? (Spoiler: Lots)

17 million? 20 million? … 38 million?

Apple’s Fourth Quarter: Dueling iPhones and the China Question

Big numbers. Big questions.

Chinese Handset Exports Bode Well for iPhone Sales

Historically, there has been a close correlation between Apple iPhone revenue and Chinese export value.

Verizon Could Have Sold More iPhones in the Third Quarter

“We did encounter iPhone supply constraints that created a backlog at the end of September.”

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At Verizon, the iPhone Still Rules

Verizon sells 3.8 million iPhones during the Galaxy S4’s launch quarter.

Apple’s Quarterly iPhone Sales Could Hold an Upside Surprise

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty says the company may show better-than-expected phone numbers when it reports earnings next week.

Verizon May Need to Sell $23.5 Billion Worth of iPhones by End of the Year

And if it doesn’t, it could find itself on the hook for billions of dollars in payments to Apple.

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