Blockbuster iPhone Sales and Flipboard’s New Round: AllThingsD’s Week in Review

The biggest stories in tech this week.

AllThingsD’s Week in Review: The Chromecast’s Enemies and AT&T’s Record Android Sales

The week in AllThingsD, in one convenient post. You’re welcome!


A Contrarian Futurist

Remember when we used to spend our days looking down at those little screens?

As iPhone Growth Slows, Apple’s iPad Sales Surge

IPads are still exploding in popularity, but iPhone sales are a bit more complicated.

CES Lost and Found: A Hot Spot for Hotspots and Lost Teeth

Hold on to your teeth: It’s another spin through the CES Lost and Found.


Google Preps Maps App for Apple Devices

The head-to-head battle between Apple Inc. and Google Inc. in mobile maps is drawing nearer.

Guitar Hero Creator Charles Huang Riffing on Android for Next Play

Green Throttle Games wants to enable gamers to play mobile games on the biggest screen in the house using their mobile phone or tablet.

Walmart’s Disc-to-Digital Hard Sell Will Be a Hard Sell

Walmart will move your movies to the cloud, if you bring your discs to their stores and pay up. But it won’t work with Disney films, Android machines or iOS downloads. Interested?

Turns Out the Killer Paid App for Mobile Is Games

Games continue to dominate the charts as the most likely category of applications to be downloaded. Surprisingly, a majority of players are willing to pay for them.

Steve Jobs Blinks! Apple Backs Down on App Subscription Rules.

Good news for lots of content companies like Netflix and Rhapsody. But Amazon, among others, is still going to have a big problem.