Top Products in Two Decades of Tech Reviews

Walt Mossberg on the dozen personal-technology products that were the most influential over two decades of reviews.

Yep, It’s Looking Like an iPad Christmas

If you’re in the market for an iPad, there are deals to be had.

EA Founder Trip Hawkins Teases New Education Startup, Predicts Intense Disruption in Living Room

And Apple isn’t even one of his Top 5 candidates to win that disruption.

Stir Kinetic Desk, Created by Former iPod Engineer, Makes Other Standing Desks Look Boring

For $3890, the Stir desk had better do everything but make me a sandwich.

MP3 Players You Can Swim With

Ever wish you could take your iPod with you in the pool or the ocean? Here are a couple of solutions.

Apple Offers Trade-In Program for Third-Party iPhone, iPad Adapters

Owners of non-Apple USB chargers can pay $10 — half the usual price — and trade in their device for an Apple charger.

Apple Beats Muted Expectations

Apple investors steeling themselves for a disappointing quarter received a nice surprise instead — a slight beat.

Apple Wants to Sell More iPhones Through Its Own Stores — But Can It?

Tim Cook wants to see the phone bringing in more foot traffic, but one problem is Apple’s relatively small retail footprint.

Bluetooth Speakers Popping Up Everywhere? Here’s Why.

Seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a new Bluetooth speaker. Here are a few reasons why these (often cheap) gadgets are flooding the market.

Apple Beats Targets, Boosts Dividend

Apple Earnings: Good, Not Great

The Storage Games