Viral Video: In Which I Am Impressed by the Jazz Hands of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Sparkle, Internet execs, sparkle!

Saying No to YouTube

Every time you invest $1 in YouTube, you’re building their power base and leverage over you.

Jason Calacanis, from an email explaining why he turned down additional funding from YouTube


“Hands-Off”: The Impossible Promise

Inside Yahoo, Tumblr will be caught in the tectonic grinding of conflicting interests.

MyTime Wants to Create a One-Stop Shopping Destination for Local Services

The company wants to be the world’s first online open appointment superstore.


The Right Thing

If I say “iOS users overwhelmingly use the Safari browser, here’s the stats”, you’d say “okay, that’s interesting, what can I learn from that, and what opportunity does it represent to the industry?” But if I say “minorities in the tech industry overwhelmingly have this experience, here’s their examples”, you don’t say “Okay, what can […]

Decisive, Distracted or Disaster?

What do Facebook’s elite developers think when Zuckerberg comes into the room and says, “Let’s all bust our asses for two weeks to copy a sexting app?”

–Jason Calacanis on Facebook’s Snapchat clone, Poke

Dyn Raises $38 Million From North Bridge; Jason Calacanis Joins Its Board

New Hampshire’s 11-year-old Internet concern takes its first investment round.

Mahalo President Jason Rapp Exits

The IAC and NYT vet leaves the search engine-turned-appmaker after two years.

Jason Calacanis Has One Miiiiiilllllion Dollars to Give Out to Start-Ups (Video)

Dr. Evil couldn’t make it, so heeeeeere’s Jason!

Ford CEO Alan Mulally Live at D8