Apprenda, Helping Big Companies Embrace the Cloud, Lands $16 Million

Old enterprise apps made new with a dose of cloud magic.

Big Data App Engine Continuuity Names WebLogic Founder as Director

Big Data is hard. Building big-data apps in Java? That’s easy.


How to Escape the Dark Valley of Your Hadoop Journey

If the project mantra is “stand up, rinse and repeat,” it’s the “repeat” part that proves challenging.


Oracle Overhauls Server Line

Oracle Corp. has yet to reap much benefit from its $7.4 billion purchase of Sun Microsystems, but Larry Ellison sees relief ahead from some speedy new chips and the computers that use them.

This Is the Site Likely Responsible for the Recent Major Tech Company Hacks

We’ve found the common thread. Expect more hacks to come.

Apple Says It, Too, Was Attacked by Hackers

The Macs at Apple and elsewhere were compromised due to a vulnerability in Java, Apple said, adding that it appears none of its data was compromised.

Patched or Not, Homeland Security Says You’re Still Better Off Without Java

CERT says the best patch for Java is to disable it entirely.

Oracle Patches Java Vulnerability

Yet another fix for yet another vulnerability.

Java Trial Judge Slaps Google Over Disclosure Order

Google has until Friday to comply with a judge’s order to disclose financial relationships with journalists and bloggers.