Jeff Bezos

Chairman, President and CEO

Jeff Bezos is one of the Internet's true pioneers and visionaries, creating one of the Web's greatest brands and one of its most enduring companies. He founded Amazon in 1994, using his theories about leveraging the Web to move goods around more efficiently. While the company has had some bumps along the way and has morphed its businesses relentlessly, it has defied its critics and has become the most significant online retailer in the world. Mr. Bezos has long been a geek, using computer science in all his jobs, such as working on technically sophisticated quantitative hedge funds on Wall Street for D.E. Shaw & Co. He also led the development of computer systems that helped manage more than $250 billion in assets for Bankers Trust Company. He graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University in 1986.

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