Joe Belfiore

Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone Program Management & Design

As the key exec for Microsoft's Windows Phone Program, Joe Belfiore focuses on usability and overall experience of Microsoft's mobile technology products. Belfiore now faces the daunting challenge of establishing the Windows Phone 7 and future iterations as a leader in a very crowded mobile space. It is a huge come-from-way-way-behind challenge for Microsoft. Before moving to the Windows Phone team, the 20-year-old company veteran–who came to Microsoft fresh out of Stanford University–has been in charge of the Zune Software and Services, as well as the "eHome" Division of Windows.

Posts With Joe Belfiore

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Windows Phone VP Joe Belfiore offers apologies for the past updates, while outlining some of the new features coming this fall as part of a major update, code-named Mango. And for those wondering when they will be able to launch birds from a catapult, Angry Birds for Windows Phone is coming May 25.

Microsoft Offers Apology for Windows Phone Upgrade Slowness

Microsoft’s efforts to update Windows Phone 7 have proven a bit challenging on both the communications and technical fronts. In a posting on Microsoft’s developer site, vice president Joe Belfiore apologizes and pledges to both communicate and execute better in the future.

D: Dive Into Mobile: The Full Interview Video of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Head Joe Belfiore

Today, we ring up Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, who is the man in charge of its Windows Phone 7 efforts. It’s no small task, as the software giant struggles to get back into the mobile game and catch up from far behind in a very competitive smartphone race led by both Google and Apple.

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