Amazon Really, Really Wants to Sell More Kindle Fire HDX Tablets

So it will finance your purchase, interest-free.

The Amazon Kindle Numbers That Jeff Bezos Must Really Care About

Hint: It’s not all about units sold.

Why Nokia Is Building an Android Phone and Why Microsoft Might Not Kill It

Sources confirm that Nokia’s effort to co-opt Android for its low-end smartphone business has endured and could even survive beyond the company’s acquisition by Microsoft.

Like Last Year’s Kindles, This Year’s Kindles Also the Best-Selling Kindles Ever

LALALALALA. I am not listening.

Dell Tablets at Bargain Prices

The Dell Venue 7 is a heck of a buy for a brand-name Android tablet, says Walt Mossberg, but if you can spare more money, you’ll get a better experience in a more expensive small tablet.

E-Reader vs. iPad

Which is a better reader for all types of light: The Kindle Paperwhite or the iPad?

Google Continues to Fill Out iOS App Catalog With Music App

The next big launch to watch for: An expected YouTube music subscription service.

News Byte

Amazon to Let Independent Bookstores Sell Kindles and Gives Them a Cut of E-Book Sales

Amazon, which has been blamed in part for the decline of independent bookstores, said it has a new program called Amazon Source to allow them and other retailers to resell Kindle devices and accessories, and also give them 10 percent on every e-book bought on them for two years. “With Amazon Source, customers don’t have to choose between e-books and their favorite neighborhood bookstore — they can have both,” said Amazon Kindle VP Russ Grandinetti in a statement.

News Byte

Amazon Celebrates the FAA’s “Nick Bilton Ruling” With One-Day Kindle Sale

Amazon said in a message on its homepage on Monday that it was running a one-day, 15-percent-off sale for its new line of Kindles to celebrate the Federal Aviation Administration’s recent reversal of a longtime policy that banned airplane passengers from using electronic devices during takeoff and landing. Nick Bilton, the New York Times journalist who had pushed for the change, received a shout-out from Jeff Bezos in the prepared remarks for Amazon’s third-quarter earnings report.

Delta Celebrates FAA Gadget Sanity With a Viral YouTube Hit

No, it’s not “Charlie Bit My Finger.” But wouldn’t it be cool if it was?