Chegg Set to Go Public Tomorrow in Next Post-Twitter Tech IPO

Which came first: The chicken or Wall Street investors?

Intel Acquires Ed-Tech Startup Kno

An exit for the e-textbook software startup.

In Major Expansion, Kno Adds K-12 to Digital Education Platform (Video)

Tired of kids carrying home a backpack full of heavy books? Kno knows their pain.

Former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt Joins Kno Board

The online education start-up grabs a new director.

Exclusive: Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Blake Krikorian Joins Amazon Board

Well-known Silicon Valley entrepreneur Blake Krikorian has joined the board of Amazon, according to several sources close to the situation. He is considered one of tech’s most savvy execs with regards to video and media distribution, an area the online retailer is aggressively entering.

Kno Taking Electronic Textbooks to Web, Facebook

The company, which once aspired to make education-oriented tablets, is now expanding its iPad software with the ability to automatically create quizzes and create digital notes.

Amazon Tries Taking the Kindle to School, Again, With Textbook Rentals

Amazon, which dominates the e-book market, has stayed out of the electronic textbook market. Until now: The company has opened up a textbook store for its Kindle platform, where it is renting “tens of thousands” of titles for the upcoming school year.

Intel Capital, Condé Nast Owner Invest $30 Million in Kno; Intel to Consult on Student Tablet Hardware

According to sources close to the situation, Intel Capital and Advance Publications will lead a $30 million investment round in Kno, the high-profile student tablet start-up. In addition to the funding from its venture capital ark, Intel itself will license the hardware design of Kno, which will now focus on its software to manage the devices that are aimed at the college market.

Textbook Makers Fund Inkling for Interactive iPad Editions

The iPad textbook creator Inkling has extended its Series A round to include leading educational publishers McGraw-Hill and Pearson, a coup that could help it get out ahead of other digital edition providers.

Exclusive: Kno Student Tablet Start-Up in Talks to Sell Off Tablet Part of Its Business

Kno–the much-funded and high-profile Silicon Valley start-up aimed at making tablet computers focused at students–is considering selling off the entire hardware part of the business and is in talks with two major consumer electronics manufacturers to do so, according to sources close to the situation. But, if a deal is struck, the move would be a dramatic shift for the company, which has yet to ship significant numbers of the touchscreen device as it has long touted.

2011: The Year of Too Many Tablets

One in Five to Own Tablet by 2014, Poll Finds

Kno Demo at D8: The Full, Uncut Video

Full D8 Demo Video: Kno

Full D8 Video: AOL CEO Tim Armstrong