Finally! Usain Bolt Is Now a Playable Character in Temple Run 2.

A clever publicity stunt for both the six-time Olympic gold medalist and the once-dominant, now-flagging mobile game.

California Wants to Legitimize Ride Sharing

Newfangled ride-sharing startups may be sticking around for a while.

Take a Trip Down Music-Startup Memory Lane. Don’t Trip on All the Craters.

RIP, just about every digital music startup that existed in 2007.


Hulu Bids Depend on TV-Show Rights

The big media companies that created Hulu endowed the online video provider with arguably its most valuable asset: Access to the current seasons of hit network-TV shows.

Silver Lake Abandons Hulu Purchase Effort, as Final Bidding Deadline Arrives Today

The longest-running and noisiest sale of all time move to the final bidding stages.

Pandora Says Musicians Will Get More if It Pays Less. How Does That Work?

Spoiler: Requires a leap of faith. Or two.

Why Some Videogame Characters Get Toys, and Others Don’t

Why you can’t hug Om Nom until he’s been downloaded a couple hundred million times.


Rambus Settles Chip Dispute With SK Hynix

Rambus Inc. said South Korea’s SK Hynix Inc. has agreed to pay $240 million in order to settle a patent dispute over memory-chip technology that has dragged on since 2000.


Tech Firms Back Obama Patent Move

Technology companies welcomed the Obama administration’s decision to wade into the debate over patent litigation, seeing a chance to stem a flood of lawsuits they say is hurting innovation.