Twitter Dethrones Facebook as 2014’s Best Tech Company to Work For

Spoiler: It’s the food.

NSA Needs a Zoloft After Obama No-Show, but Here Comes Internet’s “Wrecking Ball” Letter

I came in like a wrecking ball/I never hit so hard your code/All I wanted was to break your (fire)walls/All you ever did was hack me/Yeah, you, you ha-aa-aack me!

Bitcoin, Schmitcoin — Tech Stocks Also on a Frothy Run

Up, up, and away.

LinkedIn Kicks Off Its Pulse Integration

Content, content everywhere!

Even After a Small Swoon, Twitter Investors Are Incredibly Optimistic

Should they be? Here’s how the newly public company stacks up against (relative) oldsters Facebook and LinkedIn.


The Big Email Opportunity

The decades-old enterprise email model to which users are so firmly wedded is cracking.

Yahoo’s Mayer on the Talent Hunt for Tech Journalists (Even From AllThingsD!)

It’s nice to see Yahoo finally acknowledging the importance of what tech journalists do, even if it means Marissa is trying to poach in our pond.

Machinima, the YouTube Giant Looking for New Money, Is Also Looking for a New CEO

Machinima is really big, but it’s not a really big business yet. Allen DeBevoise says he wants to hire a replacement to change that.

LinkedIn Beats the Street — Again — As Revenue and User Growth Climb

Another good quarter for the professional networking company.

Explaining What It’s Going to Do With All That Dough, Pinterest Unveils Stats on Strong Mobile and International Usage

Yes, you may say it out loud: Has Silicon Valley lost its mind?

LinkedIn Pushes In-Stream Promoted Jobs Ads

LinkedIn Calls Email Hacking Charges False