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Raptr Updates Desktop App to Offer One-Click Live-Twitch Broadcasting

The gaming-focused social community Raptr announced today that its desktop app can now directly broadcast PC game play to Twitch without the need of additional software. The free app, available to download here, can stream nearly every game for which Raptr has manually added its In-Game Overlay feature, which gives players access to news and other social media outlets without leaving the game. That covers hundreds of titles, including League of Legends, Team Fortress 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. A streaming how-to video is available here.

Yahoo Q2 Earnings Call: The Marissa and Ken Show, Now in Living Color

Hiyo, if you will, for the Internet age.

Meh Is the New Up: Yahoo Meets Lackluster Q2 Expectations and Lowers Guidance

Revenue growth continues to elude the Silicon Valley Internet giant.

News Byte

Kamcord Adds Audio Commentary Feature to Mobile Gamecasting Offerings

Kamcord, a startup that enables the recording and sharing of game-play videos for mobile games, is rolling out a “voice overlay” feature to connected games, starting today. That means that players of one of the 100 or so games that use Kamcord will soon be able to record live audio commentary tracks as they play. Kamcord’s main competitor, Applifier’s Everyplay, also offers audio commentaries and is planning to roll out a video commentary feature in the near future.

YouNow, Web Video’s Live Amateur Hour, Bulks Up by Buying Blog TV

Live Web video can be one-to-one, or one-to-many, or something in between. YouNow takes the middle route, and that could be interesting.

Giving Mobile TV Another Go With Dyle

Live television on mobile devices has been attempted before. Is Dyle any different?

Marissa Mayer’s First Live Interview (Which ATD Had to Virtually Sneak Into): God. Family. Yahoo.

Going down those Internet pipes is really tight.

NYC Late-Night Hosts’ Audience-Free Monologues, Courtesy of Sandy

Don’t everyone laugh at once.

Making Sure the Next Zuckerberg or Gates Stays Put at Harvard

Earlier today, Harvard University and New Enterprise Associates announced the Experiment Fund, aimed at making sure that future entrepreneurs can stay on campus and innovate without having to head West.

Live Streaming @ D9: Google’s Schmidt, Netflix’s Hastings and Alibaba’s Ma!

In the nine years that we’ve been putting on the D: All Things Digital conference, we’ve never streamed our always sold-out flagship show live. Until this year, that is, when we will be live streaming three full sessions from California.