Nokia Aims to Give Its Lumia Line a Little More Polish

Nail polish, that is. Nokia is pairing its pink Lumia 900 with a matching varnish from posh makeup firm Duality Cosmetics.

Nokia Maps Update Brings Groupon Deals, Advanced Route Planning

An update to Nokia Maps might save Windows Phone users money and time.

Nokia Halves Price of Lumia 900 “Hero Phone”

Nokia slashes the price of the Lumia 900, just three months after its release.

If You Have One of the Latest Smartphones, Here’s What You Are Probably Griping About

The folks at FixYa have put together a report correlating several top smartphones with the most common complaints made about said smartphones.

Will Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 Move Put Nokia’s Current Business on Ice?

Already struggling in its transition to Windows-based smartphones, Nokia now has to deal with the fact that current phones can’t be upgraded to the next version of Windows Phone.

U.S. Sales Are Bright Spot for Nokia’s Lumia

No signs of Lumia demand “falling off a cliff” — in the U.S., anyway.

Nokia: We’re Building Lumia 900s as Fast as We Can

Nokia says the Lumia 900 inventory situation is primarily due to high demand, and not to the software glitch that once plagued the device.

Nokia Hit With More Debt Rating Downgrades From Moody’s

The ratings firm said it was particularly concerned by the steep drop in the Finnish company’s low-end phone business, which accounts for the bulk of its profits.

Nokia’s Lumia 900 Is Out of Stock at AT&T’s Online Store, but Why?

Nokia’s new Lumia 900 is temporarily out of stock at AT&T’s online store. Is it because of demand or inventory issues related to the software glitch that troubled the device’s launch?

Nokia Says Lumia 900 Software Fix Ready for Download

The updated software is designed to rectify an issue that prevented some early purchasers from accessing the Internet.