Machinima Looks Beyond YouTube for More Gamers, Partners With Twitch

A new destination for the YouTube giant. But will the gamer-specific audience make a difference?

Today’s Giant Media Event, Brought to You — And Owned — By Google

Remember when Google didn’t make or own content? Anyway, here’s the YouTube Music Awards, featuring Eminem and Lady Gaga.

Machinima, the YouTube Giant Looking for New Money, Is Also Looking for a New CEO

Machinima is really big, but it’s not a really big business yet. Allen DeBevoise says he wants to hire a replacement to change that.

The People Who Bring You “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” Bet on YouTube Channel About … Dance?

One of the the first “funded” channels gets new backers.

Taking a Cue From “House of Cards,” Machinima Releases Its Next “Mortal Kombat” Series All at Once on YouTube

Machinima to gamers on YouTube: Get over here and binge.

Machinima, YouTube’s Giant Gamer Network, Lays Off 10 Percent of Staff

The company has been looking for a big funding round for months.
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YouTube: Gamers Watch a Ton of Our Videos, and They’re Actually Engaged

Nothing shocking, but the white paper will probably put a few advertisers’ minds at ease.

Machinima Wants a Mega-Round. Who Wants to Invest in a YouTube Giant?

It’s one of the biggest players on the world’s biggest video site. How much is that worth?
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News Byte

Greycroft Adds New Los Angeles Partner: Mark Terbeek

Mark Terbeek is joining Greycroft Partners as a new venture partner in its Los Angeles office. He joins Dana Settle there, and will focus on online video. Terbeek comes to Greycroft from MK Capital, where his investments have included Machinima, ZEFR and Kontiki. Previous to that, he was co-founder of Jamcracker, an early software-as-a-service startup.

Smoshed! Alloy Digital Raises $30 Million for Web Video That Makes Money.

The guys who brought you Ian and Anthony — you know Ian and Anthony, right? — want to buy more Web stars.

YouTube’s Show-Me-the-Money Problem

Is YouTube’s Ad Pitch Working?