Malware Attacks by Syrian Pro-Government Hackers Are on the Rise

The Syrian Electronic Army isn’t the only pro-Assad group using hacking attacks.


Samsung Phone Studied for Possible Security Gap

The security platform for Samsung Electronics Co.’s best-selling Galaxy S4 smartphone suffers from a vulnerability that could allow malicious software to track emails and record data communications, according to cybersecurity researchers at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Lookout Warns App That Pays for Unused Text Messages Is a Big-Time Security Threat

The app, called Bazuc, proposes that users allow them to send text messages from their plan. In exchange, it offers to pay users a tenth of a penny for each message sent.

Chinese Hackers Used Fake Syrian News and Carla Bruni Pics to Attack Foreign Embassies

Another reason to be careful what you click.

A New Worm Proves That the Internet of Things Is Vulnerable to Attack

Not worried about your Internet-connected toaster? Okay, how about your security camera?


A Blueprint for a Massive Mobile Company

The history of the toolbar provides an analog for mobile today.

On Chrome Web Store, Real Games Mix With Mario Knockoffs

It’s-a-not-me, Mario! Mamma mia.
mario knockoff

Four Out of Five Malware Menaces Choose Android

Seventy-nine percent of the smartphone malware discovered in 2012 targeted Android.

Oops! Facebook Explains Recent Third-Party App Outage.

The social giant comes clean on a recent platform stumble.

How a Routine Malware Outbreak Cost One Government Agency Millions

American tax dollars at work.

Oracle Patches Java Vulnerability