Windows Phone 8 Won’t Work on Existing Phones

But existing phone owners aren’t totally being left in the cold. A smaller update for current devices will add the new Start screen shown off on Wednesday.

Talk Is Cheap and Reliable on Nokia’s $50 Phone

Walt reviews Nokia’s Lumia 710, the $50 device that gets the most common smartphone tasks done for a bargain price.

Samsung Mobile VP Leaves for Product Management Post at Microsoft

Gavin Kim will be a general manager for Windows Phone, heading Redmond’s efforts to “win the hearts and minds” of customers, carriers and hardware makers.

With Glitzy N.Y. Event, Microsoft Aiming — Again — to Make Windows Phone a Bigger U.S. Presence

A 55-foot high working replica of a Windows Phone is the centerpiece of a New York launch event that aims to raise the profile of Microsoft’s operating system.

Microsoft Windows Phone Head Andy Lees: The Full AsiaD Interview (Video)

It’s a great time to watch this interview with Andy Lees, president of Microsoft’s Windows Phone unit, since the software giant is holding a big event in New York on Monday to celebrate the U.S. launch of devices running the new Mango version of the smartphone.

Nokia Hopes Services, Design Will Make Its First Windows Phones Stand Out

The company showed off its first Windows Phone models in London on Wednesday, but only a handful of markets will get the products this year.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Boss Says Dual-Core, LTE Models Coming

Microsoft’s strategy is to wait until new technologies can be implemented in a sensible and power-efficient way. But that doesn’t mean Microsoft doesn’t want to be at the cutting edge.

Will Apple’s Siri Make Talking to Your Phone Seem Normal?

Voice recognition has been common on cellphones since the 1990s, but capabilities have been limited, as has accuracy. Is Siri ready to allow speech techology to turn a corner?

Ahead of New iPhones, Microsoft’s Smartphone Boss Finds Reasons to Smile

In an interview with AllThingsD, Windows Phone unit President Andy Lees talks about a few areas where Cupertino has had to follow Redmond, plus how the company hopes to catch up in an area where it is clearly behind: The sales front.

Microsoft Packs in a Few Treats as Mango Ripens

Redmond confirms that it will start rolling out the update as early as Tuesday for Windows Phone 7 devices. On new devices, Mango will also support visual voicemail and acting as a wireless hotspot.