Microsoft’s Xbox One Costs $90 More to Build Than Sony’s PS4, Teardown Shows

Another unprofitable gaming system hits the shelves.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Costs $381 to Build — Only $18 Under Retail Price — In Teardown

A tiny profit margin and maybe even a loss.

With MakerBot Academy, the 3-D Printing Movement Aims for Schools

A mini manufacturing plant for every classroom?

Don’t Get Too Excited About GlobalFoundries and Apple — At Least, Not Just Yet

A subcontracting deal may be in the offing.

Apple Will Pump $11 Billion Into Capital Expenditures Next Year

Apple has budgeted $11 billion in capital expenditures for fiscal 2014.


Big Data and the Soles of Your Shoes

Small data represents the constant dripping faucet of information you generate every day.

ATD Week in Review: The Brin-Wojcicki Split and Apple’s iPhone Trade-In

The week in AllThingsD, in one convenient post. You’re welcome!

Chip Sales Grew in May at Fastest Rate in Three Years

A metric that doesn’t lie.

News Byte

Highway1 Incubator Will Help Hardware Startups Get “China Ready”

Highway1 launches today as a San Francisco-based incubator for hardware startups to get engineering help, access to a $3 million machine shop, mentorship and a two-week trip to Shenzhen to get their products “China ready” for manufacturing. The four-month program, one of a growing group of hardware startup accelerators, comes from the product development company PCH International, which already provides supply chain services in exchange for equity for startups like LittleBits and Lark.


How Ford, GE and Mattel Use 3-D Printers

Companies such as General Electric Co., Ford Motor Co. and Mattel Inc.are pushing 3-D printing further into the mainstream than most people realize.

Apple’s Getting Bigger in Texas