At $140 Billion, Amazon Is Bigger Than Ever, Still Smaller Than Google and Apple

At $307 a share, Jeff Bezos and company are richer than ever.

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Slumping Apple Gives Market-Cap Crown Back to Exxon Mobil

Apple’s declining stock price has finally cost it the title of most valuable company by market cap. Apple’s share price fell more than 2 percent to close at $420.05 Monday, dragging the company’s market value below $400 billion for the first time since January 2012. At $396.5 billion, Apple’s market cap is now less than that of oil giant Exxon Mobil, whose market capitalization remains just above $400 billion.

Apple Stock Slide Could Cost It the Market Cap Lead

If Apple’s stock continues along this downward trajectory, the company may soon cede its title of world’s largest company by market cap back to Exxon Mobil.

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Apple Hits $700 a Share After Hours

Excitement over the iPhone 5’s imminent arrival is driving Apple’s stock to new heights. Shares of the company rose past $700 in after-hours trading Monday after closing at $699.80. Apple’s journey to a $1 trillion valuation seems to be getting shorter by the day.

Apple Shares in Record Territory. Again.

AAPL hits $680.87.

Apple Soars Past $600 Billion Market Cap

And it shows no sign of slowing down.

Apple’s Biggest Bulls Looking for Trillion-Dollar Market Cap

Will Apple’s market cap ever hit $1 trillion? Greenlight Capital founder David Einhorn thinks so.

RIM’s Freefall: Stock Drops to Eight-Year Low

Hard to believe that just five years ago, RIM had a stock market value of $80 billion.

Apple: $1,111 Per Share and a $1 Trillion Market Cap in the Next Year

$1,111? Well, that’s an awfully big number.

Apple’s Market Cap Hits $600 Billion


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