Can Grow Into a $10 Billion Company?

It can, if it can grow its service and marketing clouds into billion-dollar businesses, one analyst says.

Oracle Acquires Cloud Marketing Player Responsys for $1.5 Billion

Marketing in the cloud is still hot.

The Only Thing You’ll Need to Read About Saving Money on Black Friday

Ben Franklin was on to something when he said, “Time is money.”

Skype Marketing Exec Steele Heads to Jive in Top Strategy and Marketing Role

The social business platform grabs former Microsoft and Yahoo vet.

Twitter Data-Mining Startup HipLogiq Nets $7 Million in Series B

A capital injection for a Twitter-based marketing startup.

Chipmaker Likes “Big Bits,” and So, Apparently, Does Sir Mix-A-Lot

Atmel decided to do a techie version of “Baby Got Back” on Twitter for Throwback Thursday, only to garner a surprise contribution from the song’s creator himself.

Twitter Begins to Better Explain Itself

A complete redesign and update of the company’s information pages may help laypersons better understand just what Twitter is.

QOTD: Multimedia Journalism

What is The Editor’s Prerogative? It’s when you take a piece of journalism and make it huge in scale and elaborate in delivery so that it is more in line with how important an editor thinks the story is than how new audiences actually want to consume it.

Khoi Vinh, former design director of the New York Times, on “Snowfall”-style multimedia stories

MLG Partners With Relativity Media to Turn Its Professional Gamers Into Mainstream Celebrities

Extreme Makeover: E-Sports Edition?

Comcast and Verizon Decide They Don’t Need to Compete With Apple, Google and Everyone Else, After All

2012: “We’re going to get together and build awesome stuff consumers will love.” 2013: “Nah. No need.”

Microsoft Denies Report of Ad Data Being Harvested From Xbox One’s Kinect

Redmond says the latest Xbox One controversy is baloney.