Ex-Nokia Team to Launch New Phone

A group of former Nokia Corp. employees has raised €200 million ($258 million) from a variety of telecommunications-industry players to introduce a new mobile operating platform based on discarded Nokia technology, and the group will unveil a new phone next month.

Nokia Unloads Qt, 500 Patents in Asset Garage Sale

Nokia unloads some non-core assets as it gears up for the debut of its new Windows Phone 8 handsets.


Start-Up to Revive Nokia Smartphone Software

Finnish start-up Jolla Ltd. is in talks with hardware makers, aiming to release a smartphone that runs on Nokia Corp.’s largely abandoned MeeGo operating system within the next six months.

Nokia to End “Meltemi” Effort for Low-End Smartphones

The company is halting work on a Linux-based operating system for low-end smartphones, sources tell AllThingsD. Work to expand into tablets will continue.
Elop at D9

Another OS Bites the Dust: Samsung to Fold Bada Into Smartphone Linux Project

In an interview with Forbes, the Korean electronics firm says it plans to merge bada with Tizen, the latest multicompany effort to bring Linux to smartphones.

Hewlett-Packard Close to Deciding webOS Unit’s Fate

HP is said to be close to deciding the fate of its webOS software business, and will reveal it today at an all-hands meeting led by CEO Meg Whitman. Will someone buy it?

Nokia Hopes Services, Design Will Make Its First Windows Phones Stand Out

The company showed off its first Windows Phone models in London on Wednesday, but only a handful of markets will get the products this year.

Intel Acquires Telmap to Help Navigate a Crowded App Market

Intel provided a major update on its plans in the mobile space this week, including the acquisition of Telmap, an Israeli location-based services company.

Nokia’s Orphaned Meego-Based N9 Starts Shipping (But Not in the U.S.)

There’s still no word on when Nokia will offer up its first Windows Phone models, but the company did say it is ready to ship the Meego-based N9.

Nokia Introduces N9, Reiterates First Windows Phones Will Ship This Year

Speaking at a Nokia event in Singapore, the head of the Finnish phone maker stresses the progress that the company has made since announcing its shift to Windows Phone back in February. However, given that the majority of Nokia’s business has nothing to do with Windows Phone, Stephen Elop also spoke about the company’s plans for Symbian as well as for the basic phones that make up a huge chunk of Nokia’s sales.

Massive Layoffs Expected at Nokia