It Was All Yellow: Nokia Lumia 1020 Event in Photos

Up close and personal with the Finnish handset maker’s newest smartphone.

Canon’s Square PowerShot N Is a “Tweener,” but a Keeper

It’s hip to be a square digital camera.

Three Cameras That Came Into Focus at CES

Bigger sensors, more megapixels and all the other bells and whistles meant to tear you away from your smartphone camera.

The iPhone Finds Its Voice

The iPhone 4S is one of Apple’s less dramatic updates, but, when combined with the Siri, iOS 5 and iCloud features, it presents an attractive new offering to smartphone users, writes Walt.

Digital Cameras Improve Zooms, HD Function

Katie compares digital cameras for potential buyers as they begin their search for gifts during the holiday season.

Sprint’s EVO 4G: WOW

Sprint may finally have the “hero” device it has been lacking: The EVO 4G, a feature-packed handset that will be the first to run on the company’s 4G WiMax network. It boasts a superb feature-set–on paper, anyway. And Sprint’s leadership is convinced they’ve got a game-changer in the EVO: “This is going to be an iconic handset without question,” Sprint’s David Owens told Reuters.

Motorola’s DEVOUR: WINR or LOZR?

Verizon this morning copped to what the blogosphere has been jawing about for weeks now: Motorola’s Devour is to be the wireless carrier’s next Android handset. Arriving at market next month, the Devour seems a lower-cost alternative to Droid, though Verizon hasn’t yet named a price for it.

Microsoft to Launch Zune Phone in Two Months?

Microsoft has long claimed that its mobile strategy is to provide a software solution, not devices. So it’s intriguing to learn that talk of the company’s long-rumored “Pink” phone project has started up again. In a note to clients today, Jefferies & Company analyst Katherine Egbert claims that Redmond is gearing up to launch a “a Zune-like phone” based on Windows Mobile 7 in the next two months.

The Android Invasion Continues: Motorola Debuts the Backflip

Motorola has added another superphone to its Android portfolio, the Backflip. Unveiled at a press event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the device is similar to Verizon’s Droid in that it features both a touchscreen and keypad, but with one interesting twist: A reverse “qwerty” flip keypad that folds out from behind the display.

Giving Your Pictures Some Va Va ‘Zoom’

When basic point-and-shoot cameras aren’t enough any more, go to the next level: megazooms.

The Motorola CLIQ: WINR or LOZR?

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