At BlackBerry, a New Strategy Emerges

The dilapidated smartphone pioneer has inked a dozen deals that will see BBM preloaded on a bunch of Android handsets in emerging markets.

As Egypt Erupts in Political Tumult, Twitter Translates High-Profile Tweeters

Twitter’s translation experiment continues as the Middle East undergoes major political upheavals.

Yahoo’s Head of Middle East and Africa Departs for New Social TV Startup Aimed at Emerging Markets

A new venture is aimed at the growing mobile viewership in the Middle East and Africa.

Someone May Have Tweeted Warnings Ahead of Syrian Internet Outage

Also, 700 Syrian domain names were seized last month.

Syrian Internet and Phone Blackout Enters Second Day

Faults in fiber optic cables, the government says.

Syria Has Dropped Off the Internet, Again

A second countrywide outage in the war-torn country.

Global Platform Head Carroll Departs Yahoo for Go Daddy, While Yahoo News Head Leaves for NBC

An internationalization exec and key news exec take their skills elsewhere.

Egyptian Court Gives YouTube A Time Out Over Controversial Film

An Egyptian court orders YouTube blocked for a month.


Google and Boston Consulting Group Partner for a Study of a Potential New Internet Economy

Two years after the Arab uprisings, the Internet is quietly and increasingly growing as a central platform of economic development around the globe.

Baidu Builds a Mobile Browser for Emerging Markets, and Gets Orange to Pre-Install It

Baidu and Orange are announcing today a mobile browser partnership designed to address users in Africa and the Middle East.

Syria Has Disappeared From the Internet