Startup Studio Science Hires Digital Veteran Jason Rapp

The Mahalo, IAC and New York Times veteran joins the startup factory.

Dollar Shave Club Carves Off Another $9.8M to Take Business International

The Dollar Shave Club turns heads with its impressive investor list.

Myspace Plans a Reboot — Again

Round …4?

News Byte

Science Acquires “Klout for Pinterest” Start-Up Pinpuff

Science, the hyperactive Los Angeles incubator from former Myspace CEO Mike Jones, has acquired a company. Pinpuff measures influence on Pinterest, which is one of the biggest referrers of sales for Science companies. It’s a tiny acquisition, and the first for Science, with just founder Gaurav Sharma moving to L.A. from India.

L.A. Stories: Mike Jones and Peter Pham Talk About the Science of Tech Studios (Video)

Down in SoCal, there is some serious start-up experimentation going on.


Facebook’s IPO Marks the End of the Web 2.0 Era: The Social Web Is the New King

I recently spent the weekend at a unique event that brought founders, entrepreneurs and investors together. I was fortunate enough to spend time with the original pioneer of social networking.

Former Color Co-Founder Peter Pham Heads to Former Myspace CEO’s L.A. Tech Studio (Video)

The well-known Silicon Valley entrepreneur joins Mike Jones at Science.

Former Myspace CEO Mike Jones Brings the Science of Start-Ups to Los Angeles

Perhaps building a tech company is at the point where it’s more of a science than an art.


Welcome to Google+ Town, Population Just Hit 20M

With Google+, Google has shown it can build a social product platform, but now can it build a community?

Myspace: A Place for Facebook Friends

Owen Van Natta Out at MySpace