NASA Audit: Google Founders Received Jet-Fuel Discount

A company owned by top Google Inc. executives received an unwarranted discount worth $3.3 million to $5.3 million on jet fuel purchased over a six-year period from the federal government for their fleet of private jets, according to a new inspector general audit released Wednesday.

Meet Dava Newman, the World’s Universe’s Leading Space Fashion Designer

Active materials sewn into fabric is the latest breakthrough for MIT professor Dava Newman’s stylish and technical alternative to bulky, injury-inducing space suits.


Orbital Sciences Launches Cargo Capsule for Space Station

The 40-meter Antares rocket is on its maiden voyage to the international space station, hoping to become the second commercial entity to transport cargo to the orbiting laboratory.

NASA Heads Back to the Moon, This Time With Robots and Laser-Powered Space Internet

It’s not a Mars colony mission, but it still sounds pretty cool. Here’s the launch video.

How to Drink Coffee in Space

Turns out it’s pretty hard, unless you have a patent. NASA explains.

Tech Renaissance Man Elon Musk Talks Cars, Spaceships and Hyperloops at D11

“Mars is a fixer-upper of a planet, but we could make it work,” says Tesla and SpaceX head Elon Musk.


Google Joins Supercomputing Project

Google Inc. plans to help create a new laboratory to study quantum computing, a high-profile endorsement of the esoteric technology — and a Canadian company that has been pursuing it since 1999.


NASA Telescope Imperiled by Glitch

Space engineers are struggling to regain control of the Kepler space telescope, which has lost its ability to aim accurately at the star systems it has been scanning for planets similar to Earth, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said Wednesday.

Startup Nebula Launches a Plug-and-Play Cloud Computer

Turn it on, and it boots up a cloud.

U.S. Writes Its Worries About Buying IT Gear From China Into Law

More hand-wringing.

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