Lenovo Really Did Want to Buy BlackBerry

But the Canadian government frowned on the deal.

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Dropbox Also Wants to Disclose National Security Requests

Like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook and LinkedIn before it, Dropbox on Monday asked the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to lift its gag order on disclosure of national security requests. “We are talking here simply about aggregate numbers that should have been made public months ago,” says the amicus curiae brief.


U.S. Tightens Grip on Telecom

The U.S. government has used the merger-approval process to increase its influence over the telecom industry, bringing more companies under its oversight and gaining a say over activities as fundamental as equipment purchases


Secret Court’s Redefinition of “Relevant” Empowered Vast NSA Data-Gathering

The National Security Agency’s ability to gather phone data on millions of Americans hinges on a secret court ruling that redefined a single word: “relevant.”

Google Formally Petitions to Publish Statistics on FISA Requests

The company says it hasn’t been able to accurately defend itself from PRISM news reports.

Apple Discloses Government Requests on as Many as 10,000 Accounts

An average of two accounts per request.


Phones Leave a Telltale Trail

The April robbery at the Cartier store in Chevy Chase, Md., was brazen and quick. After grabbing 13 watches valued at $131,000, the suspects fled in a waiting car and melted into traffic. It was one of more than a dozen similar capers that had stumped police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Governments Requested Information on as Many as 19,000 Facebook Accounts

A tiny fraction of users.

FISA Request Data Could Soon Be Public, With Google Also in Talks With U.S. Government About More Disclosure

Secretive government process might become a little less secretive.

Google Wants Permission to Disclose How Many National Security Requests It Gets

Google says it wants to show “our compliance with these requests falls far short of the claims being made.”