Pirq Snaps Up $1.2 Million for Low-Tech Loyalty Program

Many believe that the future of tracking purchases and making payments lies with smartphone applications or NFC, but this company is betting on text messaging.
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Google Wallet Exec: No Surprise Digital Payments Are Slow Going

It took the credit card 50 years to become the ubiquitous payment form it is today, says Google’s Osama Bedier.


The iPhone 5 Doesn’t Have NFC — So What?

When you ask the average person what is the underlying technology used to make the connection to their digital wallets, the answer will be “who cares?”

Google’s Nexus 7 Costs $152 to Make, IHS iSuppli Teardown Finds

Similar to the Kindle Fire, and yet different in so many ways.

Samsung Hopes High-Tech Stickers Help Boost Near Field Communication

The company’s TecTiles can be used to perform various tasks, from joining a Wi-Fi network to checking in on Facebook. They’ll cost about $3 each in a pack of five.

PayPal Says It’s Full Speed Ahead on Mobile Payments After President Resigns

PayPal’s VP of Mobile David Marcus makes the case for why its mobile payments strategy will prevail in a market surrounded by incumbents.

Here’s How PayPal Is Pitching Mobile Payments to Major Retailers (Slideshow)

Check out the photos from a recent visit to PayPal’s San Jose headquarters, where AllThingsD got an exclusive peek at the company’s brand-new “Shopping Showcase.”

Google’s Head of Consumer Payments, Vikas Gupta, Resigns

Vikas Gupta joined Google 18 months ago after it acquired Jambool, the virtual goods payment platform where he was a founder and CEO.

PayPal’s First Mobile Payments Pilot Is With Big-Box Retailer Home Depot

Some good news for eBay, following the surprising announcement this week that PayPal was losing its top executive to Yahoo.

MasterCard Makes Its First Mobile Payments Investment in mFoundry

MasterCard has made a strategic investment in seven-year-old mobile banking start-up mFoundry.