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NBC’s Vivian Schiller Announces Twitter Job

NBC News executive Vivian Schiller has formally accepted a new job as Twitter’s head of news partnerships. AllThingsD reported two weeks ago that Schiller would take the job, which is supposed to provide Twitter with a liaison to journalists and news organizations. Schiller said she’ll continue to live in Washington, D.C., with her family, and will be commuting frequently to Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters.

No Matter How Hard You Squint At It, the New York Times Can’t Be a TV Company

The Paper of Record is beginning to look a bit like Time Warner, Disney and CBS. But not that much.

Jeff Bezos Reveals He Doesn’t Have a Plan to Save the Washington Post

Tech billionaire geniuses are just like us — they can’t figure out how to make newspapers work, either.

New York Times Goes Down Again, and This Time Hackers Are to Blame

A “malicious external attack is suspected.”

An Unopened Letter to Jeff Bezos: “The Daily Show” Explains How to Save Newspapers

“Newspapers thought that people want to pay money, for information. But we now know from the Internet that what they really want is their own opinions fed back to them, for free.”


Red Sox Principal Owner to Buy Boston Globe Newspaper

New York Times Co. has struck a deal to sell the Boston Globe to John Henry, the principal owner of the Red Sox.

Area Man Can’t Read Print Edition of Parody Newspaper

“It’s sad to hear but of course it makes sense. [The] Onion in print is a parody of daily newspapers and college students don’t read daily newspapers anymore.

— Onion co-founder Tim Keck, responding to news that the paper he helped start when he was a student at the University of Wisconsin will shut down its print edition in Madison, Wis.

Of Course the Washington Post Is Selling “Native Ads”

The paper’s twist: Hate our editorial? Great! Pay us to run your message next to it.

The Name Is Irrelevant

The problem is calling them newspapers …

Barry Diller, in an interview with Katherine Weymouth, CEO of the Washington Post, at the Newspaper Association of America’s mediaXchange on Tuesday