AllThingsD Week in Review: BlackBerry’s Future and Predictions for Tech in 2014

The Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week, in one convenient post.

Surprise! You’re Watching More TV Than Ever.

Live TV is down, but on-demand is way up. At this rate, the Death of TV is going to take awhile.

Samsung to Developers: Come Play for the Biggest Team (And the One With TVs)

Samsung would like its leadership in smart TVs to help pull along its mobile platform — which is already huge among users, but not yet developers.


Nielsen to Add Data for Mobile TV Viewing

Next week Nielsen will announce plans to augment its TV ratings data with information on viewing on tablets and smartphones.


The Race to Become the New EPG for Media

There are increasing signs that Twitter could get there first.

Tune-In Was Big for MTV’s VMAs — What’s Twitter Got to Do With It?

Can Twitter prove its effect on live broadcast events to brands and networks?

Twitter’s Head of Music Departs for Nielsen VP Gig

The music partnerships lead has left the building.

“Breaking Bad” Is Big on Twitter, Facebook — And TV, Too

TV ratings: Up 2x. “Social TV” ratings: Up 4x.

Facebook Turns Up the Volume on Its TV Ad Pitch

Lots of talk about TV from Facebook the past few days. There are 76 billion reasons why.

Music Sales Slump Again

Don’t blame Spotify or Pandora. But you might want to show this article to the folks at SoftBank and Vivendi.

Viggle Isn’t Buying GetGlue After All