Ex-HTC Exec Launches Zero, a Startup Aiming to Keep That Fitbit or FuelBand From Ending Up in a Drawer

Kouji Kodera wants to create the wearable equivalent of a gym buddy — even if your buddy wears a different brand of bracelet.

Seven Questions for Evernote CEO Phil Libin

Building a “Nike for the mind.”

Ditch the Wristbands: For Next Generation of Wearables, Dumb Clothes Get Smart

Sensors all over your body might do a better job than today’s smart bracelets.


Big Data and the Soles of Your Shoes

Small data represents the constant dripping faucet of information you generate every day.

Apple Launches iPhone 5s/5c, to Go on Sale September 20

The iPhone family is overhauled, as expected, with new entry-level and high-end devices.

Apple Hires Nike FuelBand Guru Jay Blahnik

Earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook outed Nike’s FuelBand as among the few successful wearable devices to date.

Exclusive: Huang Brothers’ Next Project, Blue Goji, Will Layer Games on Top of Cardio Fitness

A step beyond wearable activity trackers and toward making fitness more immersive and addictive.

Nike+ Startups Turn Physical Activity Into Motivational Currency

So if you fail to exercise, your Tamagotchi dies.

What Did You Expect the Austrian Founder of a Fitness App Startup to Be Like?

Runtastic CEO Florian Gschwandtner would be happy to demo his apps for you.

News Byte

Myspace Hires Two VPs to Prep for Relaunch

Myspace, the struggling website that fueled the first major wave of the social Internet, announced Monday that it had hired two new vice presidents to prepare the company for its major relaunch this year. New VP of global marketing Christian Parkes comes most recently from Levi’s, and held a similar previous position at Nike. Joseph Patel will be Myspace’s VP of content and creative, and was most recently a senior producer at Vice Magazine.

How Nike Revives a Fallen Sports Star

Facebook’s Newest Advertiser: Facebook