FreedomPop Rakes In Another $5 Million to Fund Free Mobile Service

The Niklas Zennstrom-backed upstart is bulking up its coffers ahead of its initial phone launch later this summer.

FreedomPop Raises a Few More Million to Further Disrupt Mobile Broadband

It will use the added $4 million to continue to come up with new ways to turn the mobile broadband market on its head, CEO Stephen Stokols tells AllThingsD.

RovAir Aims to Be the Airbnb of Mobile Broadband Plans

A mobile broadband rental company called RovAir is trying to apply the “sharing economy” to its business.

Can FreedomPop Make a Business Giving Away Free Mobile Broadband?

The carrier start-up is ready with a beta of its service, which gives customers 500MB of data free each month for life.

FreedomPop Aims to Turn an iPod Touch Into an iPhone, With a 4G Add-On

After a strong response to its iPhone add-on, the Niklas Zennstrom-backed start-up is adding a $99 sleeve that gives wireless data capabilities to a third-generation or fourth-generation iPod.

Backed by Skype Co-Founder Zennstrom, FreedomPop Starts Taking Sign-Ups for 4G iPhone Sled

Niklas Zennstrom aims to shake up the data service market, starting with a $99 device that adds free 4G data capability to the iPhone.

How Skype’s Co-Founder Hopes to Make Money Giving Away Mobile Broadband

With FreedomPop, Niklas Zennstrom is clearly looking to shake things up.

Greylock’s Reid Hoffman Invests in Swedish Social Gifting Company

Stockholm-based Wrapp, which was founded by former executives from Spotify, Groupon and other companies, has just received a $5 million gift from Reid Hoffman of Greylock Partners.

Skype, Microsoft and the Fate of Music Start-Up Rdio

Microsoft already owns a streaming music service (remember Zune?). Now it’s buying a company with ties to another one. That’s one music service too many.

BoomTown Will Have What Marc Andreessen Is Having–Investors' Splashy Win in Microsoft-Skype Hookup

When a group of powerful investors, including Silver Lake Partners and Andreessen Horowitz, waded into the mess at Skype less than two years ago with a $1.9 billion cash investment for a big chunk of the company, it was–how can BoomTown put this delicately–a hot mess. Now–with Microsoft poised to pay over $8 billion for the Internet telephony and voice communications company–it is a lucrative one.

Silly Skype Soap Opera Finally Canceled