HTC One Unlocked, Siri’s Source and the 49ers’ New Stadium — Five Things You Missed From Day Three of D11

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Siri, Do You Use Nuance?

“We’re a fundamental provider for Apple.”

— Nuance CEO Paul Ricci confirms what has long been suspected, that Nuance is present in Apple’s Siri virtual assistant.

Nuance: Virtual Assistants Will Work Across Platforms Within Two Years (Video)

The Siris of tomorrow will be able to do far more than tell you when to pack an umbrella.

KatieCam: What’s On Nuance CEO Paul Ricci’s Bookshelf (Video)

Because Siri won’t read “War and Peace” to you.

Like Speech Control? Nuance CEO Ricci Says You’re Going to Love What’s Coming Next.

Where will speech interfaces show up next?

News Byte

Nuance Buys Tweddle Connect “In-Car Infotainment System”

Voice technology company Nuance has acquired Tweddle Connect, which makes an “in-car infotainment system” that aggregates services like Pandora and Open Table. Nuance said it will pay $80 million for Tweddle; Nuance CEO Paul Ricci will be appearing at D: All Things Digital today.

D11: Welcome to the Post-PC World, for Real This Time

The PC has peaked, the focus has shifted to mobile devices, software and services, and we have a lineup of major players to talk about the implications of this inflection point.

Nuance’s Swype Android Keyboard Finally Hits Google Play

The battle of the virtual Android keyboards just got a little more interesting with the release of Swype on Google Play.

News Byte

Icahn Discloses Stake in Nuance

In an SEC filing Monday, billionaire investor Carl Icahn revealed a 9.27 percent passive stake in voice-recognition firm Nuance Communications, whose technology is reportedly behind Apple’s Siri. The stock had slid 21 percent over the past 12 months, but rose more than 8 percent after hours on the news.

Coming to Your Phone: Ads That Talk Back to You (Video)

Nuance is working with brands, agencies and publishers to create a new type of mobile advertising that incorporate Siri-style voice response.

Nuance Buying Vlingo, a Rival It Once Sued