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OnLive Replaces CEO Steve Perlman Following Sale

After a dramatic restructuring that led to many layoffs, one more OnLive employee is headed for the door: CEO Steve Perlman. The cloud-gaming service said that Gary Lauder, the lead investor in OnLive and the managing director of Lauder Partners, will become the new chairman; Charlie Jablonski, the former head of OnLive operations, will become OnLive’s COO and acting CEO. Perlman is departing to work on a “myriad of other projects,” the release said.

OnLive Bought by, Um, OnLive (Via Former Investor Lauder Partners)

Some answers, but still many questions, in the odd restructuring of the much-hyped cloud-gaming service. But basically: OnLive is dead! Long live OnLive!

Gaming the Clouds: Here Are the D Demos of Otoy (Still Standing) and OnLive (Who Knows?)

Please enjoy a look-see at some cloud gaming.

Boxes and a Bar: OnLive Employees Pack Up After Cloud Gaming Company Obfuscates About Fate (Photos)

For the record: Obfuscate means to render obscure, unclear or unintelligible.

OnLive Denies Reports That It’s Shutting Down

What about the reports of mass layoffs? Stay tuned.

TV Makers Sony, Vizio Give Google TV Another Go

Google TV: Coming soon (again) to a Sony or Vizio TV near you.

When Office Is in the Cloud and on a Tablet, Is It Really Office?

Microsoft says, yes it is, and no, you can’t run it that way.

The Writing on the Tablet

Walt answers a reader’s question on taking notes on tablets.

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Still Waiting on Office for iPad? OnLive’s New Subscription Service Has Office, Flash and More.

For those of you still holding your breath while you wait for an official Microsoft Office app to come to iPad, here’s something that might help in the interim: OnLive Desktop Plus, a premium, $4.99-a-month version of the OnLive Desktop app for iPad and other tablet devices. The newest version of the app offers a cloud-based Internet Explorer 9, Adobe Flash, and PDF capabilities, in addition to the full Office suite and the “accelerated browsing experience” that OnLive created for fast pushing and pulling of data on a remote-access desktop.

Working in Word, Excel, PowerPoint on an iPad

Walt reviews an app that brings the full, genuine Windows versions of the key Office productivity apps — Word, Excel and PowerPoint — to the iPad.

Full D8 Demo Video: OnLive

D8 Tech Demo: OnLive

Cloud Gaming?