Cyanogen Raises Another $23 Million From Tencent and Andreessen Horowitz to Help Fund a More Open Android

The company expects to hire about 70 more people in the next several months to boost its engineering and design ranks.

Dell and Red Hat Will Announce a Big Cloud-Computing Alliance Today

Doing for OpenStack what they did for Linux more than a decade ago. You know how that turned out.

With Steam Machines on the Horizon, Valve Makes Its Linux Love Official

“People shouldn’t underestimate the Linux community’s desire to have gaming on the platform, and for it to be insanely good.”


Interoperability and Openness: Why an Open Cloud Is the Only Cloud for the Future

There is still debate around exactly what form cloud adoption will take.


IBM Again Pledges $1 Billion to a Linux Effort

Linux continues to dominate data centers. IBM wants more of that action to take place on its hardware.

Your iTunes Collection, Displayed as a Solar System

The Cooper-Hewitt Museum is showcasing an artifact that isn’t even tangible: An open-sourced app called Planetary that’s meant to be an “evolving piece of design.”

“WordPress for Crowdfunding,” Crowdhoster Makes Payments a Form of Communication

“Crowdfunding is too powerful to be for gadgets and celebrities raising money for passion projects.”


Advertising’s Reverse Big Bang

Is there any chance of maintaining the $500 billion advertising market that we know today? Probably not.

Worst Sequel Ever: SCO vs. IBM Reopened

Evidently, liquidation wasn’t enough to keep SCO dead and buried.

Jon Rubinstein Joins Board of Qualcomm, as Mobile Chipmaker Ups Its Silicon Valley Cred

The longtime mobile exec is a high-profile appointment.

10gen Promotes Schireson to CEO Slot